Reach Center Closing; End of an era

Hello friends and neighbors for those who are unaware "The Reach Center" (home of The Edge Dancing) has changed ownership and will be renamed The Wesleyan Community Center. The Edge Dancing after 20+ years is also retiring. The new owners are making much needed upgrades to the building and we wish them many years of success in that wonderful space and continue to be a blessing to the community.

Thank you for all the love and support through the years for The Reach Center and Geni Lu and The Edge Dancing. There are so many wonderful memories and wonderful people to be remembered. Cheers

Many of the private teachers and classes that were at The Reach will continue, please contact teachers directly.

If you need to contact new owners for rental information you can reach them through this site



The Violin Studio of Tiffany Holiday

***Current students get 10% off a month of lessons when they refer a friend to sign up for lessons!***

Recording and performing artist Tiffany Holliday is proud to open her violin studio at the Reach Center! As an accomplished Suzuki music instructor Tiffany incorporates improvisation, fiddling, music theory, fun and games into the classical music lesson. Tiffany has been a registered Suzuki violin teacher and an active member of SAA since 2007.

The Violin Studio of Tiffany Holliday offers one private lessons each week, one performance class a month, and two public recitals a year. Fall term begins September 9th. Ages range from 3-90...It's never too late, and rarely too early to start!

Tiffany is currently finishing a Master of Arts degree in Musicology at the University of Oregon focusing on modern violin and viola, medieval improvisation, and Appalachian Fiddle styles. Tiffany and her partner Chris teach, perform and travel with the bands Toad in the Hole (Irish/acoustic-punk), Woodland (world/rock) and Walking Trainsong (Country/Bluegrass).

Private lessons begin the week of September 9th

Performance classes: September 20th, October 18th, November 22nd

Thanksgiving break: November 25-29

Fall Formal Recital: December 8th

Christmas break: December 23rd - January 3rd

Winter lessons begin: January 6th


Allegro Suzuki Violin Studio

Meet Heather Figi, our newest violin teacher here at The Reach Center!  She has a warm personality and a smile for everyone.

Allegro Suzuki Violin Studio was founded in 2008 by Heather. Heather has 20 years of experience teaching children to play the violin and extensive training in the Suzuki philosophy for nurturing talent. Her dynamic teaching style and experience help students realize their potential while fostering joy and satisfaction in the learning process.

Heather is deeply committed and enthusiastic about sharing Suzuki’s philosophy that every child has talent and every child can learn. Her energetic and organized teaching style creates a supportive and dynamic environment for students to realize their potential.

Over the course of her 20 years of teaching she has witnessed firsthand the power learning a musical instrument has to train focus, increase intelligence, and develop life skills such as perseverance, confidence, and step by step mastery.


Violin and Viola

Tiffany Holliday is bringing the beautiful sounds of Violin and Viola to the Reach Center! Actually, she's bringing the sounds of YOU learning to play the instrument you love.

Tiffany is currently completing a Master of Arts degree in Musicology at the University of Oregon focusing on modern violin and viola, medieval improvisation, and Appalachian Fiddle styles. She performs regularly with the Oregon Bach Collegium, The Corvallis Symphony Orchestra, and other freelance projects.

Tiffany independently organizes her own studio (The Violin Studio of Tiffany Holliday) where her students learn to master the Suzuki repertoire alongside popular music, folk music, and fiddle. She has been a registered Suzuki violin teacher and an active member of SAA since 2007.


EDGE Summer Camps


Starting June 17 camps will be ready for kids to have fun. Join us here at The Reach Center for The EDGE Summer Camp!

There are a variety of weekly themes to choose from:

  • Make Believe 
  • Sensational Sports
  • Fantastic Fairy Tales and Folklore
  • Exceptional Earth
  • Beach Weeks
  • Amazing Animals
  • Amazing Automobiles

More details at The EDGE Website! Or call now: 541-342-2859


Zumba at The Reach!

Sauni Saucedo is bringing the Latin-Inspired, easy-to-follow, calorie-burning, dance-fitness party to The Reach Center. Feel the music and let loose! Zumba!

I invite you all to join the fitness crave. Zumba is hot, hot, HOT! And so will you be, after you get hooked on this dance workout, packed full of cardio, toning and fun. Zumba is derived from latin-based movements, and style, that fit everyone! Once you start, you'll want more. And once you realize you're exercising and not just having a good time, I doubt you'll find another way to satisfy the fitness craving.

Read about Sauni and Zumba.


Incubator Kitchen at Stellaria Building

Neighbor, and former long-time Sundance employee, Ron Leppert has started a very interesting business that we think some of our neighbors, and/or someone you know, will be interested in hearing about.

Have you ever entertained the idea of starting your own food business based on your secret brownie recipe or jalapeno/tofu/magic spread, but the cost of building a legal commercial kitchen kept that from happening? Here's your answer: the beautiful kitchen you need, only when you need it, at a price you can probably afford.

"The Incubator Kitchen at Stellaria is designed to support small scale food producers in offering a product to the marketplace without having to invest in the required commercial kitchen setting at start-up or as they are growing larger. The emphasis for this Incubator Kitchen is on food businesses that emphasize local, organic and nutritionally valuable foods."

The Stellaria Building, "a place for sustainable businesses in Eugene", was created by the folks at Hummingbird Wholesale. "The concept behind the remodel was to provide a collaborative and functional space for businesses and organizations who are working toward sustainability and health. We wanted a vibrant, warm working environment full of natural light. We wanted to encourage interaction among the tenants and to meet the needs of the tenants through common means."

Ron Leppert is building on their efforts. (Please bring your brownies for taste-testing at the Reach Center. High-quality feedback guaranteed!) Contact Ron to set up a tour of the kitchen:, 541-686-0921.


Garden--March 2013

Erik Muller has been here several days a week, composting, building planting beds, planting, and just messing about. The garden wouldn't be nearly this green without his work. His great sense of humor is a bonus.

A new friend, Cole Ferguson, installed one of his plant towers in the garden. You should come check it out. It looks like a great way to get garden space in a small area. Basically, it's a ring of wire lined with straw, then filled with compost and soil. The black pipe travels done the center and brings water into the lower levels of soil. He'll be happy to build one for you, 541-285-4236.


Greenhouse--March 2013

 We finally got the greenhouse under construction! This has been on the wishlist since we bought the building. Now our gardening season will be almost year-round. We're inviting neighbors without good spring sun to get your starts going here, so come talk to Geni sometime.

There's already a little sitting area, and we're planning to have fixed planters, a mini-pond, and room for potting and growing starts. There will be lemon, lime, grapefruit and banana trees . . . if we can keep them alive. The lemon and limes will probably do fine. Bananas? We'll find out.

We've got some water drums to extend the day's warmth deep into the night. Charlie wants more drums, Geni wants fewer, everybody else says "Huh?"

All that's left is to build a new front door, and fill in the air gaps along the foundation. Thanks much to Mike Fero, Nathan Wollin, and Cole Ferguson for helping build the greenhouse and put up with Charlie.


Cuban Salsa Dancing!

This class is an introductory-level, non-partnered, Cuban salsa dance class known as “suelta.” We’ll be focusing on Cuban-style salsa movements and footwork patterns. We will play with specific styling for men and women, improvisation, and timing…and get a good workout too! Come ready to isolate muscles you didn’t know you had and to enjoy Cuban music that will make you want to move!


Pronto Spanish

Beginning Spanish class. A quick approach to basic conversation, pronunciation and reading. Come and Try!


Freedom Arts -- Fun Art Classes for Kids!

Fun Art classes will be taught by Ms. Gena in splatter art, nature art, sensory art, story book art, water color, paint, drawing with chalk, color pencils, pastels, gluing and paper mache, stamping, sponge art, found (recycled) art and more! Learn different styles of art, art history, shapes, color, texture and technique.


Pilobolus-style Dance Partnering Workshop

Partnering Workshop with Darryl Thomas, former Pilobolus dancer and current Dance Faculty at Western Oregon University in Monmouth, Oregon

Saturday, September 15, 2012 from 2 - 4 PM at The Reach Center

Fee: $15 per person

Darryl Thomas, is Co-Artistic Director of Rainbow Dance Theatre along with his wife Valerie Bergman. Darryl and Valerie have been artistic collaborators for over twenty years and perform throughout the US and internationally. Darryl currently serves as Professor of Dance on Faculty at Western Oregon University.








For 5 to 7 yr olds:

July 23 - 27, Monday - Friday, 9 am to noon
Enjoy Creative Dance & Rhythms ~ Art ~ Intro to Tumbling
Cost: $150 per student



This summer The EDGE offers three 3 week session on Thursdays:

Session I: June 7, 14, 21, Session II: July 5, 12, 19, Session III: August 2, 9, 16

Pre-EDGE I, Pre-EDGE II, Beginning I - 10:30 - 11:30 am
Beginning II, Advanced Beginning, Intermediate - 11:30 - 12:30 pm
Cost per 3 week session is $25 - Drop in rate is $9

EDGE Performance Groups - 1:00 - 2:30 pm
Cost per 3 week session is $40 - Drop in rate is $14


Transformation Arts offers Tai Chi Fundamentals and Yijinjing Fundamentals at Reach

Beginning May 21, join Transformation Arts Senior Instructor Mchael Vasquez on Monday and Wednesday mornings at 8 AM in The Loft for Yijinjing Fundamentals, and Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6:30 - 8:00 PM in The Loft for Tai Chi Fundamentals.



BEGINNING APRIL 28: Saturdays from 4 - 7 pm in the Loft

Somatics/Bodyworks Class begins April 28, and runs Saturdays from 4pm to 5pm in The Reach Center Loft (upstairs), followed by open Jam from 5pm to 7pm.  Explore a variety of somatics and bodywork modalities to prepare for dance movement in contact improvisation, such as Thai Massage, Breema, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Yoga, BodyMind Centering, and Meditation.  Interact in a guided exchange where contributions from community members are welcomed.  Cost: $5-$10 donation suggested.  For more information visit or .


Strechoga at the Reach Center!

Wednesdays at 6 PM

Strechoga is a fusion of numerous forms of Yoga, Taichi, Chigong, and movement therapy. It is one free flowing art of the body. No matter what your age or physical capability, Stretchoga can benefit you. It is great for rehabbing an injury, training for sports, or simply taking your mind off everything else in life.

Check it out!


The EDGE is open for the 2011/2012 season

Come join the fun!

Exciting new classes, exciting new teachers and, of course, most of the same great staff from last year. 

An update on two former EDGE instructors:

Breakdancer extraordinaire  J.T. Magee has moved on to San Diego to pursue a teaching career in dance.  Good luck, J.T.!  Julia Gingerich has relocated to Astoria, Oregon with her husband Julian.  We congratulate the two of them as they wait the arrival of their new baby. 

Call now or stop by to register and be sure to check the website for details:


DoRePlay presents Music Together!

Music and movement classes for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and the grownups who love them. Our mixed-age classes create a family environment where children engage and gain basic musical competence through play. Parents will learn how to model and encourage musical development at home. In a culture that focuses on consuming music, we encourage active participation in making music. Making music together builds stronger families and stronger communities. So come sing, clap, chant, dance, and jam Thursdays at at 11:00 am through August 16!


Building Soil for the Garden

Perhaps you've noticed that the yard in front is no longer a yard and well on it's way to becoming a neighborhood garden. With the help of neighbors Sherry Wellborn (a force of nature in her own right), David Stucky, and Erik Muller among others, we've layered cardboard, leaves, manure and compost to get our garden started. There will be vegetable beds, flower beds, berry bushes, dwarf fruit trees, honeybees, compost piles, and a greenhouse!

Our plan is to share this "urban farm" with our neighbors. Perhaps you'd like to get an early start with veggies in the greenhouse. Perhaps you'd like the taste of local honey. Perhaps a blueberry pie is in your future. Or perhaps you'll just want to come sit on one of the many benches we'll scatter around the garden. We won't be charging anything for sharing this resource with our neighborhood . . . but we'd sure appreciate a bit of physical labor, and maybe an occasional donation to help pay the water bill. Come check it out!


It's been a long time coming . . .


Talk to us about how you might use the building. Perhaps you want to teach a class . . . and take a class. Maybe you want to have a meeting . . . and have a small party. Or you might want to show slides of your trip to an exotic location . . . and stretch those muscles in a relaxing yoga class. Learn to knit . . . and walk on your hands. Start a political campaign . . . and create group poems. Maybe you just want to stop by to see what's going on while you're on your way to Sundance or Humble Beagle or Allann Bros.

You can begin to see just how many ways you can be active at The Reach!

The Reach Center is an open-ended activity center that will bring neighbors and friends together in a variety of ways. We hope to become a neighborhood hub of activity in South Eugene. Help us make it what you want it to be.

P.S. Much Thanks to Carol Schirmer and her team at Schirmer and Associates for shepherding us through the process with the City of Eugene. We couldn't have done it without them! In fact, we probably would have given up long ago . . .


8am to 9pm Monday thru Friday
8am to 7pm Saturday and Sunday

We're located at 2520 Harris St., on the southwest corner of 25th & Harris in South Eugene, near Amazon Pool, Sundance Market, Humble Bagel, Allann Bros. and Black Sun Books.

Please Respect Our Neighbors

Even though we will have less activity than a large church, we're still going to be a busier corner than our neighbors have experienced in many years. Please help us keep disruption down by following a few common-sense guidelines.

Arriving & Parking

Walk or ride a bike here if you can. We're trying to stop global warming, right?! Our first bike racks have been installed and we hope to have parking for 20 bikes within the year. The bus goes past on a regular basis; it's cheap and easy.

If you have to drive, please park in back. If the back lot is full, try to park along Reach Center property.

We also have a parking agreement with Very Little Theater parking lot. Yes, it's a few blocks away, but the walk is through a beautiful neighborhood and you can get groceries at Sundance on your way back to your car!

Parking in front of neighbors' homes should be your last resort.


We have three primary entrances. Please use the entrance nearest to the room your class/event is in. That will help reduce traffic and parking problems with neighbors.


Turn down the tunes when you arrive. We Reachers love all kinds of music but the neighbor working in her garden or napping in his hammock might not appreciate the loud bass thumping from your car stereo. And please don't idle your car for long periods of time while dropping off and picking up.


Please drive slow! The city traffic engineers told us there haven't been any car/pedestrian accidents at our location. Let's keep it that way!

Thanks for your help, our neighbors will appreciate it.